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There are several reasons why the Topsfield Fair draft horse show is one of the fair's most popular events. This show combines agriculture with action and demands team work; not simply between driver and horses but it also requires that each horse be part of the complete unit. Classes range from single carts to the exciting six horse hitches, with several competing in the arena at the same time. Exhibitors invest many hours and dollars to insure that their animals, wagons, harnesses and equipment are turned out in superb fashion for the draft horse show.

Classes for the four major draft horse breed are featured in the show, including Belgians, Percherons, Clydesdales and Shires.

Several junior driving classes give youngsters a chance to get the feel of what it means to compete with some of the best draft horse stables in the Northeast, as they learn to put their horses through their paces.

Classes for lady drivers only are also included in the show, ranging from single carts and pairs to a special four horse hitch class, shown by individual breed.

During the last day of the fair, winners of the 6 horse hitches in each individual breed are brought back into the arena to compete for the manager's trophy which is awarded to the best overall hitch in the entire show. Hitches competing in this class are also awarded points toward an international championship series held later in the year.

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