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Groups have a few options when it comes to eating at the Fair. You may choose to use a single option, or a combination, however, you must pre-register for Option 1. There are also designated areas on grounds which have picnic tables, trash barrels, and recycling bins, suitable for large groups. If you have any questions or concerns about your group having a satisfactory lunch on the Fairgrounds, please contact Kate O'Brien (kate@topsfieldfair.org).


The Education Department offers a Free Lunch Program for school groups attending a field trip. We serve hundreds of students each day, Monday through Friday (every field trip day). Each students receives a hotdog, an apple, milk or water, and cookies or chips.

The Free Lunch Program has limited availability and is reserved primarily for schools/districts where a high percentage of students receive free or reduced-priced meals. You must sign up for this program ahead of time by making the request on your registration form.


Many students have never visited a fair or festival before. For this reason, schools often allow their students to purchase lunch from vendors at the Fair. There are many options which accommodate for almost all tastes - fried dough, veggie tempura, and steak subs or sandwich wraps, salads, and baked potatoes, are all amongst foods offered at the Fair.

If you choose to go this route, you may also consider purchasing food vouchers for your students. Food vouchers cost $6.00 each and are valued for $8.00 at specific food vendors. It is a good way to ensure that your students' money goes towards lunch instead of the many other attractions and product that the Fair has to offer.

Click here to purchase food vouchers


Some schools have their students bring bagged lunches from home (or the school cafeteria packs them). It saves time, money, and hassle on many occasions, especially when attending with younger children. Bringing lunch is an especially great option when trying to accommodate for special dietary needs (ie: vegetarianism, allergies, etc.)

Although it is not required, we request that lunches are brought in clear, disposable bags (ie: Ziplocks). Not only does this eliminate the worry of students losing a reusable lunchbox, but it also helps with our enhanced security measures.
Please note: Lunches should not be left unattended in any area at any time. Teachers, chaperones, and students must carry their lunches with them. Unattended containers or bags will be disposed of immediately.

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