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Giving Back, One Sip at a Time
Location: Education Pavilion
Offered Monday - Friday
Grades: K-8th

Giving bottle, one sip, one day at a time. Come and learn from representatives of the Coca-Cola company on how their bottles are keeping local communities working, how a simple water purification device created locally is helping bring clean water to the planet, and many other simple but fascinating solutions for every day sustainability.

The Magical, Miraculous Monarch
Location: Education Pavilion
Offered Tuesday - Friday
Grades: K-5th

Discover one of the longest journeys by an insect, the Monarch Butterfly, as it travels 2,500 miles from central Mexico to our own backyard. The Massachusetts Master Gardeners unlocks the mystery of how this colorful butterfly transforms itself over and over to make their trek a wonder of nature. The health of our environment is dependent upon a healthy insect pollinator population and the Monarch Butterfly is in danger. Learn how you can help!

The Giant Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
Location: Education Pavilion
Offered Monday - Friday
Grades: 3rd-10th

How do pumpkins grow to be as large as the ones we have on display? Students will meet with our Giant Pumpkin experts to discuss the genetics behind a Giant Pumpkin seed. Topics will include crosspollination, what a pumpkin needs to survive (water, sunlight, etc.), and the math growers use to predict the weight of a pumpkin.

Sheep to Shawl
Location: Coolidge Hall Stage
Offered Monday - Friday
Grades: 2nd-8th

Using the wool from a flock of sheep, students learn each step in the process of creating cloth. While they pick, clean, card, and spin wool by hand, they learn how technology provides improved tools to make each step faster and more efficient.

Colonial Trades
Location: New Meadows Stage
Offered Monday - Friday
Grades 3rd - 6th

Students learn what life was like for area farmers during the years leading up to the Revolution. Information based on Dorchester farmer Colonel Samuel Pierce's account book allows students to take on the roles of real people, including farmers, weavers and blacksmiths. Hands-on activities allow students to further explore the production of goods using colonial resources & technology.

Elephant Program
Location: Grandstand
Offered Tuesday - Friday
All Ages

How much water can an elephant hold in its trunk? What does an elephant eat? Come spend some time with Beulah the elephant and learn from the experts. You can help us celebrate her birthday on Wednesday, October 7th!

Healthy Eating: Farm Style
Location: Coolidge Hall Kitchen
Offered Monday - Friday
Grades: K-5th

Come spend time in Coolidge Hall Kitchen with some of our Fair Volunteers. As a part of this program, classes will learn about making healthy food choices, right from local farms (who are also here at the Fair). Each group of students will also have the opportunity to learn how to make a simple, healthy snack with some of the fruits and vegetables from the area. *Please alert us of any food allergies ahead of time - food samples will be given!

Apple of My Eye
Location: Grange Building
Offered Monday - Friday
Grades: K-4th

Apples are an essential in the school lunch box and are a delicious healthy snack. Come to the fruit and vegetable barn and have the kids learn about all the different parts and varieties of apples. Students will also partake in an interactive apple craft!

World of Homing Pigeons!
Location: Poultry Building
Offered Thursday
Grades: 4 - 9th

Learn about homing pigeons and their uses, breeding, racing and showing. Children will have the opportunity to touch the feathers of the bird, see the wings and tail and understand how they fly.

Farm to Fork
Location: Education Pavilion
Offered Wednesday - Friday
Grades: K - 6th

Farm to fork is a wonderful program that teaches kids where their food comes from. Test your knowledge of your dinner table classics and conclude by thanking our local farmers!

Before the Tractor
Location: Coolidge Hall Stage
Offered Monday - Friday
Grades: K - 8th

By exploring traditional farming methods and the historically important role of the county fair, students compare and contrast life today with that of the past. As part of this hands-on program, students will examine 19th century tools from the collections of the Topsfield Fair and Historic New England's Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm in Newbury, as well as historic photographs of the fair.

Save the Honey Bees!
Location: Bee Building
Offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Grades: K - 5th

Students will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of the wonderful world of the Honey Bee. Students will work with our great Bee Building Volunteer Teachers and observe the various products that we use every day that have honey in them or need bees to be made. They will also have the chance to examine a live bee colony at work and see how honey is made.

Fair Dates: September 29th - October 9th
Field Trip Dates: October 2nd - October 6th

Contact Information: Kate O'Brien
Education and Outreach Coordinator
978-887-5000 ext. 12

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