How to Use the
Exhibitor Handbook

Step 1. Login

To submit your entries online, you must first create an account on and login. Creating an account is a short process and absolutely free!

Click here to create a free account.

Step 2. Add Entries

From the tabs on the left side, locate the section and class in which you would like to enter. Click "Add Entry." If you would like to enter more than one contest, add an entry for each one.

Step 3. Review Entries

As you add entries, the entries will show up on the black box on the right side. Look over your entries and make sure they are exactly what you want to enter. You must fill in the entrant's name before entering. This should be the name of the person entering the competition. For example, if you will be the one competing, fill in your name. However, if you are entering for your child or someone else, fill in that person's name. You may have to fill out other fields before hitting submit, depending on the contest.

Click "Submit" to submit your entries. Do not click submit more than once.

Step 4. Your Entry is Complete

Depending on the contest, your entry may be completed. There will be a thank you message at the bottom of the page if this is the case. Print this page and bring it with you to the fair.

OR Step 4. Fill Out Additional Information

Depending on the contest, you may have to fill out additional information about your entry. Please fill out all fields. Your entry is not submitted until you complete this additional step.

Step 5. Payment

Depending on the contest, you may have to submit a payment with your entry. Either make your payment online by clicking "Go to Payment" under Option 1, or print out your form under Option 2 and mail your payment to the Topsfield Fair.

Print this page and bring it with you to the fair.

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