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New Meadows Village

Association of Revolutionary Turners

The Association of Revolutionary Turners (A.R.T.) is a woodturning club featuring volunteers who demonstrate techniques for creating bowls and turning spindles from raw wood. Stop by for a fresh shaving to take home! Learn more about this group at www.revolunaryturners.com.

Maple Sugar House

Stop by for a free taste of maple syrup and learn how maple syrup is made. Tasty New England maple products are available for sale here.

Cider Mill

At the Cider Mill you can watch them make cider using an antique cider press. And if you look inside the building, you can watch the cider donuts as they travel along the conveyor belt. The cider and donuts are both available for purchase.

Furniture Institute of New England

Here you can observe the classic techniques of woodworking done with quality workmanship, using hand tools. Kids, young and old, are invited to run the plane down a board and receive the curl of wood that is produced. Stop by and see the many projects in the making. This booth is hosted by the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts, a school which offers the opportunity to learn a strong foundation in fundamental woodworking skills and practices. Director and Master Craftsman, Philip Lowe, is dedicated to "training tomorrow's craftsperson." Learn more at www.furnituremakingclasses.com.

Blacksmith Shop

Recreating the setting of the early 1800's, New Meadows Village has a working blacksmith shop where there are blacksmiths forging metal into everyday objects. This is a craft which has been practiced for nearly four thousand years and has changed the course of human history. Prospect Hill Forge of Waltham hosts the shop and offers a chance for you to observe this traditional craft and perhaps take a sample that they create just for you. Learn more about blacksmithing at www.prospecthillforge.com.

Good Food Farm

This is an interactive display where children are encouraged to learn where their food comes from. Gather eggs or dig for potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, and turnips. Count the apples from the tree. This mini farm is suitable for supervised children from 2 to 8 years old. Learn more at www.foodpantry.org/01_About_Us/good_food_farm.html.

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