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The poultry department has one of the largest poultry shows in the northeast. Our show consists of many species of waterfowl, fancy show birds and a large assortment of bantams. Competitions in turkeys, ornamental and racing pigeons, laying birds and eggs are very popular, with everyone thinking that theirs is the best. All competitors hope that their bird will make the "Court of Honor" where we display the "best of the best."

The part of the poultry building that is the most sought after is the chick hatchery. All during the fair we have eggs hatching and baby chicks on display. This is our busiest area and people spend hours waiting for their special egg to hatch. Natures miracle of life is on display for all to see. Another popular activity that our young fair visitors really enjoy is feeding the birds. Last but not least is the hen flying and cock crowing contests that take place on the second Saturday of the fair, come and root home your favorites.

So, stop by the Poultry Building and see the show.

Fast Facts

The only difference between brown and white eggs is the color of the shell.

It takes 21 days to hatch a chicken egg and 28 days to hatch a duck egg.

It takes approximately 22 weeks for a chicken to start laying eggs.

A chicken lays approximately 260 eggs a year.

It takes 8 weeks to produce a broiler.

It takes 7 weeks to produce a fryer.

The main part of a chicken's feed is corn.

A young female chicken is called a pullet.

A young male is called a cockerel.

The best place to keep eggs is in their carton on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Wash Your Hands

Please remember to wash your hands after leaving any area with animals.

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