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The Rabbit Barn is one of the oldest buildings on the Topsfield Fairgrounds. The rabbit and cavy (guinea pig) display is one of the oldest expositions of rabbits and cavies in the United States. Hosted by the Essex County Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Club it has shown rabbits and cavies to generations of visitors to the Topsfield Fair. There are more than 200 rabbits on display. In this large barn visitors can see the many different breeds of purebred rabbits. They may also visit the club booth where members are on hand to answer questions about rabbits, cavies and club activities. Members also take pride in helping visitors locate breeds in which they have interest. Besides aisles of rabbits for viewing pleasure there is also rabbit wool spinning demonstrations, rabbit petting, educational postings and the cavy display room. A must stop is the ever favorite Baby Bunny Room which is always of interest to the young.

This building also hosts a display that is presented by the Great Scott 4-H club. On display here are the many aspects of 4-H involvement with rabbits.

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Please remember to wash your hands after leaving any area with animals.

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